10 Essential iPad Tips & Tricks need to know


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TIVO Shortucts and Teach your iPhone TIVO Tricks

TIVO Shortucts and Teach your iPhone TIVO Tricks

iPhone can perform all kinds of TiVo tricks.  Here are viewers two favorites:

DVR Remote Much like the Windows Media Center-specific Mediamote app, DVR Remote turns your iPhone into a TiVo remote (great if you need a spare or your regular remote goes missing). It also features a Now Playing list, a keyboard for easy searches, a Favorites list, and an editable button layout. Well worth $2.99, IMHO.

Kwiry An SMS alternative to i.TV, Kwiry lets you program your TiVo via text message. After creating a free account, just text “Tivo 30 Rock” (or whatever) to Kwiry and presto: your unit records the next scheduled episode. Perfect if you’re in a hurry.

TiVo shortcut:
TiVo+TiVo = Now Playing List
TiVo+0 = Plays the boot up animation
TiVo+1 = Season Pass Manager (#1 Priority)
TiVo+2 = To Do List (2 Do List)
TiVo+3 = WishList Search (3 Wishes)
TiVo+4 = Search by Title (Search 4 Titles)
TiVo+5 = Browse by Channel (no more clever mnemonics)
TiVo+6 = Browse by Time
TiVo+7 = Record Time/Channel
TiVo+8 = TiVo Suggestions
TiVo+9 = Showcases
TiVo+Slow = Messages & Settings