About Us : AuctionsHunter.com


At AuctionsHunter buyers and sellers can come together and trade just about anything without membership fees, bidding fees, or seller basic listing fees. You can find products at bargains at AuctionsHunter because sellers don’t have to mark up their products to cover high fees and percentages typically charged by other online marketplaces. Please follow our Advertisers, they allow us to pass the lowest fees to our customers.Our goal is to give a better alternative to other online marketplaces. Therefore, we are greatly motivated to maintain our low fees and no cost for signing up, basic listing fees or any type of membership.At Auctionshunter we are not looking for self-promoting, but we also promote your items for easier selling. We are greatly linked to social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We also widely use the big Marketing tools, Search engines, blogs, Microsft AdCenter, Google AdWords, and other methods to increase traffic and sells.

Lowest Fees on the market, Why? – Site Fees

AuctionsHunter is supported by the advertisers and corporate sponsors who display banners on our site, this allow us to charge the minimal fees to our customers.
Buyers Sellers
  • Sellers pay no fees so they can offer you the best possible bargain.
  • Purchase Instantly with Buy Now, make a low bid and win, or make an offer
No Listing, Relisting or Final Fees

  • Sell as an individual or open a Store)
  • No membership Fees
  • Zero Final Auction Fees (April-May 2012)
  • Store Listings Free up to 49 items
  • Accept Google Checkout and Paypal

Buyer and Seller Protection
  • We encourage Sellers and Buyers to use Paypal, Google or for checkout on online payments. However, is up to you the method you choose to be paid.
  • We only charge our sellers fees through Paypal and Google checkout. We want our customer to feel all their transactions are protected exclusively through approved third party checkout companies.
  • Bid with confidence from our Top Rated Sellers. These sellers have proven themselves time and time again to provide great products and best customer service as evidence by the excellent ratings received from buyers.
  • Every transaction on Auctionshunter is rated by both buyer and seller. Buyers or sellers with consistent negative ratings are automatically suspended from the AuctionsHunter services.
  • Members which have been suspended from AuctionsHunter are blocked from re-registering under a different name to commit fraud again.


If you have a questions or need help please visit Help , FAQ’s or Seller Tips Section. If you are experiencing a problem that is not currently covered by this online help system, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to make sure you receive a prompt helpful answer. We also have a support team that can help sellers add their products support@auctionshunter.com.

Advertise at our Site

A business or individual can advertise at Auctionshunter and place banners ads at the Main Page or on specific categories. Please contact our staff for rates Auctions@auctionshunter.com.

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